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Bored Of The View From Your Window? Enter Winscape


Not a concept, you can actually get this. Winscape is basically 2 42″ HD plasmas stuck to your wall, they are connected to a mac which is running a special software which connects to a wii-mote which is connected to a IR emitting necklace that is worn by the user. The Mac projects an image on to the TV and the wii-mote then gathers data on your movement around the room through the necklace. Now here is the fun part, once all of this is done the image on the tv then moves according to how you’re looking at the “window” in a realistic manner. Voila you have a new scenery to look at. The software come with many different views to choose from. So you can be any where in the world, yet at home. The whole arrangement costs $2,500-$3,000 (a plane ticket?).

Interested? Get it here
Want to see a video of it in use? 
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